09 November 2010

...oh right, I have a blog

I've been pretty bad about updating this sucker.  I kept thinking I'd get around to writing some more DC posts but...

All of the sudden, I'm packing out of DC!  so weird.

Even though I moved down here with the knowledge/intention that it would be temporary, I can't believe time has gone by so quickly!  This year started out a bit rocky, but thanks to the FSI Time Warp and some ridiculous adventures in DC's shallow dating pool with MD, Esq, it feels like I'm leaving as soon as I'm getting settled.

That said, Phnom Penh is calling, and when an exotic tropical locale asks you to live in it, you don't say no...or at least I don't.

Tomorrow is my packout, I said "see ya later" to Thor the Barbie Jeep Jungle Cruiser today, and I get on a plane to yet another new life on Thursday!  It kind of doesn't seem real, but I am definitely looking forward to it.  Warm weather, dream job, amazing perks, proximity to everything super fun in PartyPartySouthEastAsia, blah blah blah...

Basically, I'm going to have a ridiculous time.  And I'm going to write about (hopefully).  Stay tuned!!

On a side note, thank you to all my amazing friends who came out to send me off in style in both Boston and DC!! love you long time!

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