26 November 2011

Thanksgiving Abroad - Part 2

I've been overseas for over a year.  Let that sink in.  The anniversary actually hit while I was in Bali over Water Festival, but having another Thanksgiving away from my family made it real.  Sure, I've lived away from home before, but I have always been less than a 26-hour flight away - and thus able to hang out with my family, be inappropriate with my friends from high school, and eat all that delicious home-cooked food over the holidays.  I miss that.

My Board vs. CutiePatootie Instructor's Board

But I guess life isn't so bad. I mean, I *DID* get to learn to surf in Bali.  and it was awesome.  Bali is beautiful, the people are nice, and the challenge of learning a new sport definitely helped channel my sadness over SuperMarine's departure.

It's only been a few weeks since he's been gone, but it feels much longer.  Making long distance work is hard, especially with 15 hour time difference and terrible internet connections on both ends. But we'll make it work...or at least I really hope we do.  It helps having something to look forward to on the horizon - and the time in between jam-packed full of visitors and tons of work to do.  It also seems I've developed a new hobby. I just can't stop baking! It's kind of weird.

SuperMarine, prepare yourself for a baked-goods-filled summer.

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