29 December 2009

The word of the day is "awkward"

Awkward - [awk-werd] - adjective - describing the feeling one gets when supervising a 58 year old man with bad knees pack up all of your belongings and move them down 5 flights of stairs.

Today is my official "packout" day, and so far this old man has taken care of my meager 4 boxes of UAB, aka air freight.  I thought I had more stuff, but since there's a chance I won't see this stuff for a month, I'm cramming as much as I can into my trusty little Civic to accompany me on the drive down to DC.  Let's see if it all fits and how I'll be able to load up all by myself from a 5th floor bedroom into a car that doesn't have a parking spot. in Boston. Did I mention it's supposed to snow? Who's excited??

Next up is HHE, aka ground shipment of the rest of my life that's going into storage until I ship out or get posted to DC and have to furnish an apartment all by myself.

It's now been 5 minutes since my packer disappeared down my stairs...maybe I should go check on him.

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