13 January 2010

If Procrastination was a country, I'd be Ambassador

A-100 is a bit of a black box: Input Human -Output Diplomat/Bureaucrat/International Person of Mystery

Before I started, I kept thinking that I would include a detailed description of what goes on during this magical five weeks at FSI.  Of course, that was before I started.  Even though I get home by 6:00PM every day and have much fewer distractions down here in DC than I did in Boston, finding the time to blog isn't as easy as it seems.  Between preferences, post research and the ever-daunting bid list, I can barely find the time to unpack! The good news there is that I'll probably have to do another packout soon anyway.  Fortunately, I also have lots of required reading to do. Years of graduate study have helped me to perfect my procrastination skills, and thus I am blogging (with some wine and old SVU episodes) instead of reading about how to write.  Now comes the challenge of finding something to blog about...

...how about DC?

Culture Shock :: Back to Reality

Last Thursday, I made it to the Culture Shock DC weekly class with Cecile.  I don't know if it was the company, the class or the fact that the combo spoke to exactly what I was feeling at the time, but it was like an instant sanity check.  Suddenly, everything seemed to make sense - including the importance of dance in my life. I just hope my CDO sees it the same way and sends me somewhere with a good class to take!

The class itself was great - the instructor was hilarious and the combo was challenging but not impossible.  It was also great to see that the hip hop dance community is alive and well in DC - I will definitely be taking more classes with them as long as I'm in the area.

Friday was a failure - Saturday not so much...depending on your definition

Since I didn't go out on Friday, I had to make up for it on Saturday.  It started as a dinner with some new colleagues at Souk on H st.  The original plan was to go to Sticky Rice, but the place was way too packed for a group of almost 20...the change of plans ended up being for the best, as Souk hit the trifecta: delicious, authentic, and cheap.  Next up was The H St Country Club for some skee-ball, Big Buck Hunter (Pro!) and bonding.  By the end of the night, I had:

1.  Showcased my mad Big Buck Hunting skilzzzzzzzzz
2.  Discovered the fratty Hong Kong of DC in Rock and Roll Hotel
3.  Danced with Teeny/Polly Pocket/TamTam
4.  Met a lumber jack
5.  Investigated yet another escalator mystery
6.  Met some really fun people
7.  Became convinced that, while not as fun as Boston, DC can actually be a good time.

ok - now it might actually be time to earn my keep and do some reading.

Back to Boston this weekend!

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