29 January 2010

On the Eve of Flag Day

In less than 24 hours, I'll know what I'll be doing for the next year at the minimum - and 3 years at the max. This is insane...I haven't had that much stability since high school!  I'll have to adjust a bit, but it might be nice to actually be able to plan for my not-so-immediate future.

and of course, it will definitely be nice to know when I'm leaving and where I'm going! 

For now, on this eve of Flag Day when I am still completely unaware of my pre-determined future, all I can do is have faith that those who are making the decisions will treat me kindly.  I must have faith in my ability to make the best out of any situation, and I must remember that even the worst tour will only last 2 years. 

Wish me luck!

...unless you're Russian...then think bad thoughts about me!

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